Priority Seat Intervention Reduces the Anxiety of the Elderly With Hypertension in the Waiting Room of the North Kuta Health Center, Tourist Area in Badung

Elderly Anthropometry Priority Seats Hypertension


October 26, 2023


People of more than sixty years of age known as elderlies or “Lansia” (bahasa Indonesia). The number of elderlies in millennial era are increasing and they have potential to live better and longer. The Covid-19 pandemic is fear haunted elderlies of high blood pressure that make them anxiety to come to the Puskesmas of North Kuta  for having Health Control (Checking-up). Physically the elderlies are decreasing progressively such as the strength of mussels, arm strength mussels decrease for about 16-40%, and physical coordination is also decreasing, so they need the tools to do the activities. New habit is implemented at Puskesmas North Kuta such as social distancing when sitting to avoid physical contact and contagious diseases. The chairs of the waiting room for elderlies are not suitable for anthropometries of elderlies, so they are not comfortable when sitting, the chairs are too low, leaning position are also too low, minimum arms rest so make them difficulties when sitting or standing up. Currently priority chairs are not yet available for elderlies at the waiting room of Puskesmas of North Kuta. The objective of this research is to identify the ideal anthropometry chairs for elderlies and to design prototype chairs for elderlies at the waiting room of Puskesmas North Kuta. The method used is the basic measurement anthropometry and to measure the tiredness of Nordic body map. This research used a pre-experimental oe grup pre-tes,post test design a prototype of priority chairs for elderly people in the waiting room of the Community Health Center. The priority chairs for elderlies are made based on the measurement of elderlies when sitting: height of elbows when sitting; height of popliteal; width of hip and height of shoulders when sitting. Conclusions: Every elderly has the right to get the comfortable facilities when doing the activities and comfortable when sitting in the waiting room of Puskesmas