The Relationship Between Spiritual Level and Elderly Leisure Participation

participation spiritual leisure


October 23, 2023


An increase in the elderly population occurs in various countries in the world. The
participation of the elderly in the utilization of leisure time has been shown to
significantly improve the quality of life of the elderly. This study aims to determine
the relationship between spiritual level and elderly participation in the elderly
community in Karanganyar Regency, Central Java. Data collection techniques using
questionnaires. The sample number was 100 elderly people. The data collection time
will be held in June-July 2023. Research design with cross-sectional design. Analysis
techniques with pearson correlation. The results of statistical data analysis obtained
r = 0.382, p = 0.006 Thus, it can be concluded that there is a positive relationship
between spiritual level and elderly participation. Therefore, leisure participation can
be recommended in the elderly to increase spiritual level